Chance | America Update

Most things you work really hard to get, but a very very small percent of the time some things just fall at your feet. And I gotta tell you, if that happens – grab at the opportunity while you can!

I have been extremely lucky and this happened to me. Now, when I started out planning this trip, never did I ever think that people will be approaching me! But it happened. Way back on the 28th November a company called Migloo tweeted me.This small company have created a portable toilet changing facility, it’s amazing! Anyone familiar with the company Changing Places? Well, Migloo are quite simply a portable version of them! Go visit their website to see what I’m chatting about…

In their tweet they said they could lend me a Migloo for my journey! Amazing! As I’m a woman and not possessed with easy anatomy to use the bathroom, this offer to have a place to go to bathroom with some dignity was extremely intriguing! The reason I’ve taken so long to tell you all is because we actually only managed to meet last week (10/02/17 if you’re reading this in the future). It was really awesome to meet the team behind Migloo and to see the Migloo itself! The Migloo is a brilliant invention! It consists of a overhead gantry hoist, a massage table to transfer onto to stretch out on, a small portable commode and finally a tent that surrounds all of this to give the privacy. It looks something like this:

This video is Migloo generation 1 – generation 2 is currently either being worked on or newly released at the time of writing! I can’t really say much more as everything discussed is currently in planning stage and naturally secret! I assure you though, the behind the scenes goings on are exciting and I can’t wait until I can tell you more! Watch this space!

Other things I’ve been doing since I was last here is mainly writing emails and phoning people chasing them for information. I’ve really nothing to say about that because the people I’ve been chasing are yet to get back to me. Hey ho! They will soon no doubt. B


The one other substantial thing that I’ve achieved since I last wrote a post was launch my online photography shop! If you’re interested please take a look! And maybe buy something? Whatever you fancy!

That’s sorta all I’ve got to tell you right now. I really hope by the next time we speak I’ll have more to tell you. Until then though, keep dreaming!

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