Not To Be Missed | America Update

This is it. The big one. The one we’ve all been waiting for.*

*bonus points to those who know where this quote is from! 😛

I can’t believe I am able to write this post, after two years of hard work I can’t believe I can actually write these words…

I am delighted to say that I can 100% physically, and medically, go to America!


Yep! You read that right! I have finally got confirmation on my ability to fly! Yay!


My flights are booked……..!


Ok breathe Kate, breathe.

My America trip is 100% happening. It’s happening, like actually happening…. it’s no longer a far fetched, over the top, crazy dream… it’s actually HAPPENING! I’ve still got so much to do, but, I’m going to America people!!!!

So yeah I’ve still got so much to organize, but let me tell you what I have done!

My flights are booked for 17th April 2018 to 4th June 2018.  That’s 49 days in total I’ll be in America. I’ll spend just over a week in the Los Angeles/south California area, then spend about 5 nights in Las Vegas before starting the epic road trip. My road trip stops after Vegas are:

Salt Lake City





Buffalo (reached by driving through a bit of Canada!)

Then ending my adventure in New York City for just over a week! These are still very much subject to change but we think we’ve got it fairly fixed now. 🙂 If you’ve been following me from the beginning (firstly, thank you!) you’ll know that I originally planned to start in New York City then drive west, well we decided that if we started in the west and drive east I’ll get the bigger parts of the journey over at the start when I’m more likely to have more energy.

Those keen eyed readers out there will have noticed I’ve changed my personal pronoun from I to we…! Well that’s because this adventure is very much a team effort and I’m thrilled to say that my care support team is now complete! I have eight wonderful women who have agreed to come with me and taken time out of their busy lives so they can support me on this amazing adventure! They are all helping me with the organising and raising funds. I could not be more grateful! Point of interest: everyone on my team are former (or were briefly former) staff members of Naomi House and Jacksplace! I’ll have three team members support me in California then three more will take over for the road trip. Once we reach New York City the last two members of my team will join us and one of my road trip team members will stay on in New York City until my family join us half way through the week. I’ll therefore have a minimum of three people with me at all times – something that is very important for someone with my level of needs.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but one of my best friends is going to be joining me in Los Angeles and Las Vegas which I’m so ridiculously happy about. She’s an awesome human and I’m really excited to be sharing this experience with her!

I’ve booked my accommodation in LA, an Airbnb place no less! We’ve also pretty much secured the hire vehicle and I’ve bought my very important health insurance!! I’ve also ordered my stabilo for the aeroplane! Some really great progress, but still so much to do and still some more money to raise. We’re getting there though!

I will eventually write a few separate blog posts about how I managed to arrange everything I’ve done so far, I’m not sure when that’ll be as life is quite manic at the moment but I promise they will get written at some point.

A big shout out to everyone who has helped me reach this point. I honestly can’t believe that I’ve got this far. I get so wrapped up in planning that I have to stop and pinch myself sometimes and remind myself that this is really happening… A special thank you to my Mum and Dad who have stood by me wanting to do this and helping me get this off the ground. I’m incredibly lucky to have such amazing parents.

Please keep following and sharing my adventure! There will be lots happening on my social media so please make sure you check them out!

Until next time, be kind and live your dreams! ❤

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