100 Days To Go | America Update

100 days to go. 100. DAYS. TO. GO. Aghhhh!

Today, the 7th January 2018, it is exactly 100 days until I fly to America. 100 days.  This is both exhilarating and terrifying, I’m in a constant state of fluctuating between the two. I am ridiculously happy that this is finally actually happening and that my perseverance and hard work is paying off, but in equal measure I look at everything I have left to do and the task seems astronomical! Nevertheless I know it’ll all get done because (other than because it has to) I have so many awesome people helping me who without, this adventure of mine would never have gotten this far. I’m truly grateful for their help!

So what have I been up to since I last wrote a post here? Plenty! Kinda. Almost immediately after I published my last post I got ill and was ill on and off all of December which sucked, so nothing really got done. This first week of January however I have managed to book all my accommodation for the road trip! With the help of my Dad, I rang up IHG, the company who owns Holiday Inn, and booked places to stay for Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Omaha, Chicago and Detroit. The guy we spoke with, Alan, was really helpful and nice. He said it was fun helping to organise a trip in America rather than his usual London based requests! I also got back in touch with the contact I have for the vehicle and I hope that’ll be booked by the end of this week! I’ve only got New York City accommodation to book now!

I was really struggling with New York City so I’ve contacted DisabledHolidays.com and they are helping me find the right place to stay that have all the access needs I require but isn’t going to cost me the earth! Again, I’m hoping to get this fixed by the end of the week. Once those two big things are secured all of the smaller, but just as important, things need to be done. I won’t list everything here because it’s a very long list and you’ll be bored by the time you reach a quarter of the way through!

The other thing that I’ve done since my last post is finally launch my Etsy store! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Etsy, it’s an online marketplace where you can buy/sell all things crafty, arty, handmade products. I’ve launched a store for my old A level photography! If you’re interested in having a nosy and possibly buying a piece, here’s a link to my store! All proceeds will go towards my America fundraising and hopefully give me some spending money!

I have also started planning some really exciting things for what my social media content will be whilst I’m away in America! In fact, this seems a really good opportunity to introduce you all to my awesome friend Katie! Katie and I have been friends since we were 10 or 11, she’s an absolutely amazing human and I’m delighted that she’ll be joining me for the first 16 days of America! Not only is she joining me in America but she’s offered to help me keep all of you updated while I’m away too! The likelihood of me personally being physically able to keep all my social media up to date regularly while travelling is low; so now that Katie will be on the case, I know you’ll never miss a thing and my trip will be fantastically documented! I’m not going to reveal to you what we have planned yet as we’re still working on it – AND I want to surprise you!

I will also say that this will probably be my penultimate blog post before I fly to America. (Oh my god, did I just write that?! Ahhh!) I have so much to do and blog writing is very time consuming for me. I love doing it but my priority is to make my dream a reality. I’ll write another, last post, before I fly but until then please follow me on all my other social media platforms! You’ve got four to choose from! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

I can’t believe I’m 100 days away from going to America… Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported me and who continue to. I wouldn’t be here without you.



Did I mention, it’s 100 days to go?

The countdown has begun.

Until next time, be kind and live your dreams! ❤

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Photo credit: Pexels.com


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