Facing Facts: America Update

Sometimes you’ve just gotta be real.

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I Have Answers: America Update

Nothing is ever easy.

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Going public: America Update

Why does the world have to revolve around money? Why not candyfloss and kindness?

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Hope: A Brit’s view on USA’s Election Day 2016

Yeah, sorry, another piece on USA’s Election Day 2016.

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Unexpected: America Update

Not much has happened on the America planning front, but what has happened is pretty significant…

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Determined: America Update

The further I get with planning, the more set backs I have, it just spurs me on further…

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A Cornish Family Holiday | 2016

Family holidays! A time where parents and their off-spring have temporary amnesia as to why they stopped cohabiting and decide to spend a week together in an unfamiliar territory. A delightful time for all! Or, in a less sarcastic and cynical way, a time for families to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company away from the busy day-to-day world of confusion and mess…

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Dreams & The BFG

Ok, so I know this blog started as a way to document my dream to get to America… but how could I not write about the film all about the famous dream giver himself: The BFG

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