Lots of Talking: America Update!

That’s right I have an America update for you!

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A Cornish Family Holiday | 2016

Family holidays! A time where parents and their off-spring have temporary amnesia as to why they stopped cohabiting and decide to spend a week together in an unfamiliar territory. A delightful time for all! Or, in a less sarcastic and cynical way, a time for families to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company away from the busy day-to-day world of confusion and mess…

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Dreams & The BFG

Ok, so I know this blog started as a way to document my dream to get to America… but how could I not write about the film all about the famous dream giver himself: The BFG

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A Day Like No Other

I was sitting trying to muster the motivation to continue my dissertation when I received probably one of the most exciting emails of my life…

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The Start Of It All

I’m new to this blogging lark… I’ve had this blog set up and ready to publish for a very long time, I just haven’t had any ideas as what to write about. I’ve had many people say to me ‘oh you should write a blog – it’s a great way of getting your point across and getting noticed by potentially influential people’. Great, awesome. Fantastic idea. Write about what though?

That, my fellow human beings, is the question.

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